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I have not written this blog to sell any ebook or something which tells you how to earn money through internet & I strongly suggest you to Never buy an ebook or something else

I have studied all the e-Books and various resources and finally launched the website for FREE! All the content can be accessed here Free!

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40% – Believe Earning Money through Internet is Bullshit!
26% – Though they show interest they think its professional!
15% – They want to make money But don’t have Time!
14% – Fail to earn because of thirst to earn money and can’t hold till the success!
4% – Though they start the process But due to Lack of proper guidance they cease in the middle!

1% – Successful in Earning through Internet!

Never try to earn money using illegal means online as they attract severe punishment and fine!

All the ways of earning money online illustrated here are 100% legal!

In this Blog, I will tell you how to earn money through internet including Google ads.


Before some years, I was wondering to see advertisements on websites. I was confused how they are getting advertisements on their websites? Obviously they are getting some money if they are advertising on their websites. After a long time, I found that these ads are provided by Google (The World’s No.1 Search Engine). Google pays you when a visitor of your site clicks on the publisher’s Ad provided by Google

How is Works?

Look, advertiser are paying money to Google to advertise their ads on publishers websites to tell the people about their website,their products,their services,increase their product sales,visitors,etc. Google cuts his commission & left money gives to publishers. That’s it!



If you want to have your own website then you have to first register your domain name. For example, in order to open Google we enter http://www.google.com . Here google.com is considered as a domain name! It is just a name and address to your website!

What should be my Domain Name?

First of all you think of a nicename for your website.I can say that by this time all the fancy words in the dictionary might have been registered! So dont be disappointed if you dont get your dream domain name, there is a solution!

1. Instead of trying .com try .in or .info or another TLD [Top Listed Domains]

2. Consider Hyphens in between words!
Eg: http://www.coolwallpapers.com is registered!

So you should register http://www.cool-wallpapers.com which is more attractive than the previous one.

3 . Try using “the” before the domain name

4. Try to include your country language if your target location is your country Eg: http://www.GoogleMoney.com is already registerd.

From where I should Register?

There are many websites that provide domain registration.Like yahoo small business;enom.com;godaddy.com etc.,

But i recommend e Solution India because they have the cheapest prices in the world as low as just Rs 345 for .com domain & Rs 98 for .info domain & this company is in India & you will not be worried about sending payment to them.

I have registered this domain from them & if you will be reseller of them you may get .com domain in just Rs 299 & They are providing this Domain reseller account Free with Web hosting reseller account


A webhost is a server that hosts all your webpages and allows other users to access it.

The Factors you should notice while buying web hosting

1. Webspace. You must notice how much webspace they are providing. Will that much webspace is sufficient for your website? i recommend 1 GB because you may add subdomains,email accounts,databases in future & if your webspace is not sufficient you have to pay extra charges .

2. Bandwidth. Bandwidth is the limit of data transfer from your website. Suppose your homepage size is 100 kb. & your one visitor visits this homepage, it means you have used your 100kb bandwidth. Same rule applies for other pages. You must notice how much bandwidth they are providing. Will that much bandwidth is sufficient for your website? i recommend 10 GB because you may have lots of traffic after some months when your site will get popular or added in search engines. If you will have reached your bandwidth limit, your site will not show your homepage & it will show “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”. So carefully look at the bandwidth they are providing.

3. Email Accounts. You must notice how many business email accounts like you@yourdomain.com they are providing. It should be Unlimited because some web hosting gives you just 1 email account & they will charge you for any extra email accounts. Unlimited means you can divided your webspace to your email accounts space. This way you can create many email accounts

4. FTP. FTP is File Transfer Protocol. You should notice that Are they providing FTP or not. You should NEVER go for a web host who doesn’t provide you a FTP. With FTP, you don’t have to browse every file to upload.You just drag & drop the files & if you have a folder which contains many files. With the FTP, you just have to drag & drop the folder

5. Subdomains,Databases. You should notice that Are they providing Subdomains. For eg, i can create many subdomains like http://www.anything.googlepaisa.com

6. Web Builder. With the Web Builder, you can easily create webpages.You dont need to learn web designing languages or coding for designing web pages. You should notice that Are they providing Free website Builder or not.

Which is the Perfect Web Host?

Again I recommend e Solution India due to its user-friendly control panel and help support!. MY friend recommended it. He has hosted his wesite with this service.

Their prices and amount of web space,bandwidth provided are always light years ahead of the competition. I am also going to register with them to host my websites.

Most Important:- Never go for a FREE hosting like cjb.net,tripod.com,geocities.com etc., because they place their own big ads in your website

Note:- Adsense is not allowed in all FREE Hosting Providers!
Website Designing

For designing a website, First of all you have to learn HTML. HTML is Hypertext Markup Language which is used to design web pages. HTML is the basic language of web designing. You can learn HTML with HTML Tutorials.

Don’t want to learn HTML?

If you don’t want to learn any language then you should go for Web Builders. With web Builders or Web Page Makers, you can easily design web pages & you will not need to learn any language.

Writing Content:- Well If you are interested in creating a website and want to earn huge money then first of all you should have a content based website.Because if you have a good content Only then Visitors will comeback.

Fresh Content:- You must add New & Fresh Content after few days to your website so that visitors come back again to your website


CPC Ads:- CPC is Cost Per Click. They pay you an amount when a visitor clicks on one of their ads. Google Adsense is a CPC Program. Google Adsense is covered in the next topic.

CPM Ads:- CPM is Cost Per 1000 Impressions. One Impression is counted when their 1 banner ad is displayed once. They pay you an amount when thier banner ad got 1000 impressions from your website. At this time, Google is not providing CPM ads to the publishers. You will get CPM ads from Google only when a particular Advertiser wants to put CPM ads on your website.

TIP:- CPM programs are effective only when you have minimum 2000-5000 visits per day.


This Page will be the Heart of my website. Here you will know about Google Adsense which is the Most Successful Advertising Network.

1st of all Sign up for a Google Adsense account (Don’t sign up if you don’t have a website).


There are Three ways to earn with Google Adsense

I. Google Adsense for Content:- Login into your adsense account & click on Adsense setup & then Click on Adsense for Content. Here you can select the desired Ad Format, Colour or Text & Image option. Then they will provide you a code. Paste this code to your Web page & Google Ads will start showing automatically.

Note:- You don’t need to select which Ads you want for your webpages. Google will automatically detect the content of your webpage & will show the ads similar to the content of your webpage.

II. Google Adsense for Search:-

Google Adsense for Search allows visitors to search Google.com or your site.. You earn money whenever they click on the ads that come up on the search results. If you select the Open search results in a new browser window checkbox in the Google AdSense for Search settings, you won’t lose your visitors.

Google Adsense for Referral

You can earn a high amount of money by referring Google Products & Other Products to your visitors. These ads are based on “Conversion” type. When your visitor will complete a particular process, Only then you will be paid Refferal money

Referring Google Products:-

Firefox: – When a user downloads and installs Firefox through your referral, your account will be credited with 1 dollar.
Note:- A Firefox referral is counted when a Windows user, who has not previously installed Firefox, downloads and runs the program for the first time.

Google Pack:- Google Pack is a collection of essential Softwares for your PC. When a user downloads and installs at least one component of Google Pack through your referral, your account will be credited with 1 dollar.
Note:- A Google Pack referral is counted when a Windows user who has not previously installed Google Pack, downloads and installs the program for the first time.

If you are interested in Free TOP Softwares then visit Gofun2.com

Referring Other Products:–

You can earn a high amount of money by referring Other Products to your visitors. Click on Adsense setup in your adsense account then click on Get Ads then Adsense for Refferal & then click on desired category to see the advertisements for that particular category.

Getting Traffic

1. Adding Website to Directories:- Add your website to all major Directories.

Largest Directory DMOZ – http://www.dmoz.org/add.html

Google – http://www.google.com/addurl
Yahoo –

Note:- Never add your Link to a website which offers Link Exchange, it will lower your search engine ranking & raise their ranking.

2. Search Engine Optimization:- 75% of Traffic come from Search Engines. From which 55% traffic come from Google.com. So If you got one of the Top Rank in Google for a particular keyword then you are gonna have a high traffic to your site. Frankly speaking its very very hard to get Top Rank in Google because there is so much competition & it takes so much time to improve ranking. It basically depends upon

I. Inbond Links

II. Outbond Links

III. Your website’s popularity

IV. Content Quality of your web pages.

Note:- Never pay a company to get Top Rank in Google as they use illegal methods to perform this & your website will be removed from the search engine permanently.

3. Paid Advertisement:- This is the Best method to popular your website. it takes very less time & less hardwork.

I. CPC Advertising:- Google Adwords is the Best option for this. With Google AdWords, you place your ads for specific keywords. You determine how much you are willing to pay per click. The more you pay, the higher up on the screen of results your ad is displayed.

II. Impression Advertisement:- If you dont want to pay per click then you can pay according to CPM basis (Cost per 1000 impressions).